Frequently Asked Questions About Law in Valley Stream, NY

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1. What to do if the Police contact you?
2. I've been arrested/My friend/loved one has been arrested! What happens now?
3. How do I find out when my friend/loved one will be arraigned? What do I do next?
4. Where do I need to go for my court date?
5. How long will it take my case to resolve?
6. How serious is my charge? What types of penalties am I facing?
7. What is a plea bargain and how do I get one?
8. When can I contact you if I have questions about my case?


Perhaps you just had a couple of drinks with some friends. Maybe you thought that you could drive. You could have sworn you passed those field sobriety tests. Maybe you were taking medication that was lawfully prescribed to you. No matter the reason, a charge of DWI or DUI can have live changing and devastating consequences.
1. General DWI Info.
3. Should I take a sobriety test?
4. Potential Penalties?
5. Can I get a plea bargain?
6. Are they going to take my car?
7. How will you approach and try to beat my DWI charge?

Family Law FAQs

1. What makes family court different?
2. I received a family court summons! What does it mean?
3. How do I start my own family law petition? Can I do it myself?
4. How long will I have to wait to go to court after I file a petition?
5. Where do I have to go to court?
6. Which court do I file in?
7. Do I have to go to every court appearance? What if the court I need is far away?
8. I keep hearing about CPS & ACS. What are they? Is there a difference between the two?
9. How will you handle my case?
10. How much will this cost?
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