Family and Matrimonial Law in Valley Stream, NY

Family Law - matrimonial law in Valley Stream, NY
When you have family problems, they can be devastating to you both emotionally and financially. Simon & Milner has many years of experience in dealing with all types of family law issues. We have handled thousands of cases in this area of law including divorces, separations, support cases, violation of support cases, custody and visitation and relocation cases, family offense neglect/abuse, and Orders of Protection.
It is important that when legal issues arise that you be represented by an attorney experienced in these issues. The consequences of inadequate representation in a family law matter can have adverse effects on you the rest of your life including your economic wellbeing.
In New York State divorces can be obtained based on fault grounds or on irretrievable breakdown of your marriage.
In most cases the cause of the marriage breakdown is not the main issue between the parties. The main issues are custody, visitation, support and distribution of property also known as equitable distribution.
Only an attorney experienced and knowledgeable in these areas of law can make sure that you obtain an appropriate settlement or aggressive representation at trial if a matter cannot be settled to your satisfaction.
In divorce cases a court will decide all economic issues including child support, spousal support, custody, visitation and equitable distribution, as well as the issue of who pays attorney fees. New laws have been passed to assist a spouse without sufficient funds to obtain attorney fees from their spouse at the beginning of a case so that one spouse will not be handicapped in obtaining adequate counsel.
Our firm has represented clients throughout New York City, Long Island and New Jersey in numerous divorce cases and we take pride in the level of personal services we provide and the results we have obtained for our clients.
Family Court
Many times parties need to go to Family Court for help. The Family Court in New York has the power to issue decisions concerning support, custody, and visitation as well as dealing with family offense issues and Orders of Protection. Our firm has experience in all of the courts on Long Island, the City of New York and metropolitan area in dealing with these types of matters.
What is the difference between Divorce & Family Law?
Although Divorce and Family Law are related, it actually comprises two distinct areas of law. Divorce and/or separation only concerns marriage. Only the Supreme Court can hear divorce cases. If you are getting divorced, the Supreme Court will also handle issues of custody and visitation as well as child and spousal support.
All other family issues including custody, visitation and child support when you are not a party to a divorce are generally heard by the Family Court. Sometimes it is to your benefit to file a Family Court action first, and then a divorce, other times, the opposite is true. An experienced attorney at Simon & Milner can evaluate your situation and determine what court you should use to seek relief.
The attorneys of Simon & Milner in Valley Stream, New York are here to help if you are having family or divorce issues. Call (516) 561-6622 or (800) 807-5616.